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Songtekst Laden - Time to shine

Gestart door yvetkadet, 10 juli 2009, 23:26:04

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Ik weet dat het heel raar klinkt maar ik kan de songtekst van Jim Laden, time to shine echt nergens vinden  :?
Als iemand hem tegen komt of heeft zou je die dan alsjeblieft willen sturen O-)


Dit zou 'em moeten zijn:


When it's gonna be my time to shine
Now I'm in my prime (yes I wanna know)
When it's gonna be my time to shine
I gotta get what's mine (ay ay)
When it's gonna be-ee-ee
a little shine for me-ee-ee
Lyrics an flow a circle di city
Because mi full a versa-ti-lity

Genius wi have some big song a play
mi nuh get the big brake yet (no)
When friday come mi nuh get nuh big paycheck (so)
But mi still a work fi reach di top a di Apex
Because mi wah fi wear mi platinum chain wid bracelet
Big Ship, Dem neva know seh all a we face stress
So why dem nuh wah fi see me an snipa king lace crep (yo)
A dem alone fi brandish di latest
But all a who a carry go through i race yes (next)
Well mi dyin fi see mi dream come through
Because mi wah fi roll mi jeep, mi an mi team come through (yo)
Some little fool, some little nincompoop
Bout dem wah fi stop mi shine a dat dem fi come do
Well we haffi keep it real an true
No time we naw go bow fi get it, naw go kneel an chew (no)
Man a stand firm like when a Leyland new
Ghetto youths we haffi shine show dem what we can do (true)


Stunt Squad this year mi decide seh dat mi haffi mek it inna
Cause nothing more depressing than when poverty tekkin yuh
Mom seh son don't stop knock di door until somebody let in yuh
Jus keep yuh head up high yuh haffi mek it i'm bettin yuh
I gotta get what's mine because i'm makin my entry
And I don't give a f**k about di haters and envy
Jus through di ting a build that's why yuh see dem a fren we
That's why mi always big up..who? Di "Genius" and Prendi (yes)
Hard work an di lord work
Anyway now what a good reward (work)
So nuh bother keep up nuh shegry while u start hurt
Mi know mi's a youth weh haffi mek it cause it inna mi from birth
Nuff a dem nuh love fi see di star a rise
Dem nuh wah fi see mi have nuh pretty car a drive
But dem still a stretch out hand a beg mi for a five
a suh mi know dem nah go tired a dah boy ya vibes

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