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Gestart door showmelove, 14 augustus 2009, 01:32:08

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If at first you don"t succeed
Then dust yourself off and try again...

Try again ; Aaliyah



Walking On a Dream

van Empire of the sun (da's ook de naam van het liedje)


If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make a change

van Michael Jackson-man in the mirror

& ook van michael jackson-they don't care about use:

Beat me
Hate me
You can never
Break me
Will me
Thrill me
You can never
Kill me
Do me
Sue me
Do me
Kick me
Strike me
Don`t you
Black or white me



Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
Thunder - Boys like girls

Crazy little thing called love
Crazy little thing called love - Queen

Everyday should be a new day to make you smile and found a new way
Falling in love - McFly

If you don't believe me, just look into my eyes, 'cause the heart never lies
The heart never lies - McFly


Weezer - Pork and beans

I'll eat my candy with pork and beans. 
040308 Tokio Hotel - 140608 Tokio Hotel - 030209 Metro Station - 280309 Pink - 010609 Pinkpop - 230909 All Time Low


is the path that i have chosen might be wrong


- Be who you are, say that you proud. And you will be a hero.  :@
Tessa van tol - Proud to be me

die is zo mooooooooooi <3  O+
en ook uit dat liedje:

why can't you see, that you can't say ; Im proud to be me.  ^O^


If I could get another chance, another walk, another dance with him, I'd play a song that will never ever end  O+

Luther vandross - Dance with my father.   Schitterend nummer..  ^O^ _O_


if i say that everyminute, all i do is think of you, will you do the same for me?  O+

van Nb Ridaz - I wanna love you
The heart is blind
It will not see
When hope is gone


Don't stop a good thing, I love what's happening <3

Uit unbelievable van Shannon Thomas, heilig nummer _O_
physical joy


Who can make me cry
Nobody else can do it
Nobody but you

Backstreet Boys - Nobody But You  *;
I want to share all my love with you and no one else will do


-and the days feel like years when i'm alone
-when you walk away, i count the steps that you take
avril lavigne - when you're gone

-hey mister bartender mix me a drink, i really need something to tell me it's okay not to think
3OH!3 - deja vu O+
(deze staat in mijn msnnaam sinds hij uit is, letterlijk, ik kreeg een mailtje via die mailinglist van 3OH!3, over hun nieuwe nummer, gelukkig waren er fans die hem na hem gekocht te hebben op itunes hem meteen op youtube te zetten)

-can't find a good reason, can't find hope to believe in
sum41 - still waiting

-damn girl, dry your eyes
the all-american rejects - damn girl

i can't handle this confusion, i'm unable come and take me away
avril lavigne - take me away

i hate everything about you, why do i love you?
three days grace - i hate everything about you
(superlied als je boos bent op je ex ofzo)

i could really use a wish right now
B.O.B. feat. hayley williams - airplanes

goddammit i can't do it alone
3OH!3 - i can't do it alone O+

hold you through the night and watch that colorado sunrise
3OH!3 - colorado sunrise O+

you should have seen the way he cleaned it all when he was dancing
3OH!3 - neatfreak47 O+

tomorrow is a different day
avril lavigne - tomorrow

oh baby, you give me butterflies
michael jackson - butterflies O+

why can't i realize, i'm fighting for my life
calvin harris - flashback

gotta choke chain for my pit bull lane, gotta shock collar for my rottweiler
3OH!3 - chokechain O+
(slaat nergens op, gewoon leuk liedje xD)

grootste deel van deze hebben in mijn msnnaam gestaan, toen ik nog elke dag verwisselde ^^ nu is het standaard die van deja vu :3 (gister was het c'est une moustache, en een verwijzing naar het filmpje waar 3OH!3 live optreed met deja vu, en sean een snor droeg o_O)




fuck the whole universe I'm not afraid!
Eminem - Not afraid

Overal waar je kijkt, Komt er geen eind aan het donker, Geef de moed niet op!
De storm ( geef niet op ) - Blof

Meer inspiratie kreeg ik niet ahah.


What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you ?

The Script - Breakeven